Automatic Micro Inspection System

Judge an alien substance, a wound, an irregularity automatically, a target shape in comparison with quality goods photographing the entire surface in the wafer.


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Auto Macro

High speed operation giving a result photogrping the wafer by 4 times. It defects wafer crack automatically. Be able to defect crack and chipping of wafer edge.


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Inspection System(Macro・Micro)

For taiko wafer, thin wafer, bir curve wafer Inspectionn System There is the example that updated the microscope which do not use in the latest inspection system.


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High Speed Counter

High-speed movement by photographing the wafer entire surface collectively, and making image processing. The ink scattering at the time of the marking is detectable.


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For plural wafer size, plural casette auto-matically. Aligment function, wafer ID function.Able to build more than 3 ports.


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Atel has various Robots from a small thing to a big thing. To provide robot to using environment. Handling wafer is back side contactless to quality requirements. High spped handling


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Electric XY Stage

Be realized low cost and high precision by software improvement. Able to operate according to a recipe automatically by combining it with Atel's software. All back side wafer vacuum suction, center vacuum suction.


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Be possible for vacuum suction whole backside, backside contactless, center, curve wafer for planarization.


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Macro Inspection System

Front and back 360 degrees, continuous rotating, turning. Be available backside contactless, bir curve wafer.


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Microscope Remodel

Changed manual wafer to low price auto focus. As needed order made and automating image processing.


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Waterproof Unit

We develop the correspondence product about the simple substance units such as Robot or Aligner.


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