Environmental Policy

Corporate philosophy

Asa company in the development and manufacture of semiconductor handling system Atel corporation supplies product of simple structure and high efficiency enabled energy reduction.

Basic policy for the environment

Atel corporation practices the continuous activity to the following items as a base of corporate philosopht.

  • We promote the reduction the quantify of the parts, using many steel plate structure and standardzing to achieve energy reduction. We aim to offer product used parts environment was considered to customers.
  • We try to make better environment and to pay attention against, a stink, a noise, a vibration on the manufacturing stage.
  • We work measure for controlling global warming in doing the reduction of the papers or energy.
  • We swear to observe the law concermed the environment, set targets, review if necessary and try to continual improvement or anti-pollution.
  • We know every emplyee and try to aim the improvement of consideration to the problem concerned environmental preservation.

Enactment January 1, 2008

Representative Toshihiko Mitsuyoshi

Company Profile

NameAtel corporation
Location of head office 1-13-31, Chiyoda-cho, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima 720-0823, Japan
Nishishingai factory2-18-10, Nishishingai-cho, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima 721-0958, Japan
E-mail メールアドレス
Capital10,000,000 Yen
Closing May
Representative Toshihiko Mitsuyoshi
Excutive DirectorKumiko Mitsuyoshi
Type of business ・Development/design/manufacture/sales of wafer handling equipment
for semiconductors and FPD glass substrate.
・Development/design/manufacture/sales of electric circuit.
・Development/design/manufacture/sales of electric equipment
・Design/manufacture/sales of various mechanical item
Technical consultant business above-mentioned item
All business incidental related above-mentioned item
・Electric utility industry and Electric sale
Business connectionsA semiconductor, FPD manufacturing equipment maker
Project Machinery Dept.
TEL: 81-3-3506-3541 FAX : 81-3-3506-3522
Main Banks Shimanami Shinkin Bank.
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.
The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.
The Hiroshima Shinkin Bank.
Momiji Bank, Ltd.
The Yamaguchi Bank, Ltd.

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Company History

April, 2004 It is founded in Saba-cho, Fukuyama-city as subsidiary company JEL RESEARCH Corporation specialized in development of Company JEL Corporation.
Development of low-price product made in sheet metal structure.
Development of compact link type vacuum robot・vacuum gripper.
June, 2004 The head office moved to Seto-cho, Fukuyama-city.
May, 2007 The head office moved to Nishishingai-cho, Fukuyama-city.
Expansion of clean robot started.
Japan, Korea, Taiwan agency business start.
November, 2007 Business start independent as Atel corporation.
Devwlopment of desk-top handling robot A robo.
Development od desk-top system(macro inspection).
May, 2009 Productization of desk-top clean handling system.
March, 2010 Beginning to sell of desk-top system.
Starting variation expansion of desk-top system.
June, 2010 Productization of desk-top Macro Inspection System.
July, 2010 Exhibiting desk-top system for the 21st Micromachine/MEMS exhibition.
March, 2012 Productization of MacroMicro Inspection System taiko・normal wafer combined use.
October, 2012 Productization of Review Inspection System.
November, 2012 The head office moved to Chiyoda-cho, Fukuyama-city.
March, 2013 Productization of MacroMicro Inspection System For MEMS wafer(thin and bir curve wafer).
October, 2013 Productization of Macro Review System with Laser chip marker(for laserf marking).