For special wafer

As a characteristic of device material in power deviceandMEMSis thin, fragile, shape be special (taiko wafer, big curve wafer), small(SiC), place be contact is limitted very much, handling be difficult, easy to broken.

Atel thinks "Handling special wafer for sure is a mission", developed various unit havin the character of "not breaking", "handling only wafer pheriphery".

Actually, it is often that we are at a loss when customer gave consultation to us "what to do with such a fragile wafer". We racked our brains somehow and solve the problem. Every time we conside some idea. We repeat trial manufacture. We break many wafers borrowed from customer in some cases. We are often despondent…Still we continued to develop and give a result somehow. "Atel does not give it up until it becomes the form"

In addition…Even if delivery of goods is over, "At last we are able to deliver !" is not end.

After having delivered to customer, a problem occurs. At that time we squeeze our wisdom, consider solution, clear a problem.

Ww are corresponding in all sincerity not to mention until delivery after delivery. Therefore Atel assert to correspond to special wafer with confidence.

The case of special wafer

The case of taiko wafer

The case of thin and bir curve wafer

Custom order

We may not give a satisfied response with mass inspection system. "If this function is included in this system." Off course it is available to give later various function in remodeling even if it is a ready-made.

But there is some problems high cost, using another software at the same time, workability becoming poor, be not usable system during remodeling.

Basically Atel's system is custom made. Flexible correspondence is possible adding laser marker or inker to macromicro inspection system, creating macromicro inspection system using old microscope.

It is possible in each unit alignment, macro, microscope stage. At fact, we design each unit from the beginning when we handle special wafer.

It becoms very high price to create system by custom made from the beginning commonly.

But, Atel has know-how to suppress costs abundantly, there are the result showed an estimate be not different ready-made one.

Custom made is not only for hard ware. It is same for soft ware. We corresponded flexibly construction of inspection recipe, drawing method of wafer map, exchange to host on online, failure detection by image processing.

Atel is convinced to provide system easy to use, having high productivity, quality, because it is specialized in custom order.

The case of custom order

The case of built-in laser marker

The case of built-in inker

The case of aplication exsample of old micrscope

Service organization

When semiconductor-related system stops by a trouble, throughput is greatly delayed in all process.

"It is necessary to resore early."To correspond to customer's demand Atel fixes the system for trouble including construction of communication means of hliday(except the middle of the night). We prepare cellular phone for exclusive use of service dept. and always get communication with an engineer.
The cell-phone number for exclusive use of service 080-6266-8272.(Depending on the service, the conclusion of the maintenance contract may be necessary.)
After trouble occured, our engineer goes to the field as sonn as possible and solves a trouble.

In the new system introduction, such as micromacro inspection system online connection, system controllable through complicated soft ware After system introduced, an operator operates really, soft ware problems of the operability do not appear.

In this case,at Atel arranges the posture of exclutive soft ware engineer improves problems by telephone, can easily devise soft ware by e-mail.(The test of actual machine may be necessary.)


A operator makes efforts in the duties that only a human being can do, productivity, high quality and it becomes automation of product devise , operability by simplifying to pierish safety. To promote automatin and operability by simplifying, Atel makes effors in soft ware field, increased a software development member so as to be exceptional for a semiconductor device maker.(25% of employees are soft and are the control-related staff)

Up to now

  • Dvelopment of touch panel GUI soft ware supported latest Windows8
  • Automatic inspection by image processing
  • Be attained in focusing manual microscope by image processing
  • Customer online connection and autpmation sucu as CIM
  • Automatic implementation at the time of the system trouble

We realized matter mentioned above.

In particular recently we make an efforts image processing, built the system which we could self-develop from a basic algorithmic part. As a result, we can build in and provide high software, automatic analysis and automatic inspection depending on the demand of customer.